segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Exposição - da Pele à Carne I Expo - from Skyn to Flesh

                                        A Galeria Eduardo Fernandes abre suas portas para   
                    a coletiva de Arquitetura:Triptyque, SpaceGroup e Vazio,  
                           com texto do Crítico/Arquiteto Ricardo de Ostos. 
                                   Quinta-feira (3/11) a partir das 19h 

quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

Harmonia 57 in Financial Times Magazine. Article written by Christopher Woodward.

Harmonia 57, an office block in São Paulo by Triptyque

"The cult “green building” of the moment is Harmonia 57, an office block built in São Paolo three years ago by Triptyque, four French-Brazilian architects who have set up practice in Brazil. Its walls are built of porous concrete, pitted so that plants grow into the surface, watered by mist collected in an ingenious system of pipes. “It is a building that breathes and sweats,” say its creators.(...)
To idealistic architectural students, the glass skyscrapers in London or Shanghai are already anachronistic. Their heroes are writers, artists, and environmentalists – or architects such as Triptyque, François or Peter Zumthor, whose work begins and ends with nature."